Inconel Fixture Part

Small, complex part made from difficult to machine material with tight tolerances.

Tool Steel Hold Down Clamp

Turnkey part including machining, heat treat and coating.

Stainless Steel Slip Ring

Large components in stainless steel with tight tolerances. [+/- 0.0005in]

Hard Turning Of Forging Part

Hard Turning of tooling used for forging parts.

Finished Bronze Casting

Volume turning of cast bronze bushings.

Hardened 4140 Components

Production run of hardened parts.   (Turning performed post heat treatment).

Machined Grassed Components

Brass components with all machining completed in-house.

Developed proprietary process to machine deep, rectangular pockets.

Large Weldment

8’ Square structural fabrication with 1.5” and 2” thick plates weighing ~6600 lbs. with epoxy paint finish.

Carbon Brush Holder Machining Assembly

Brush holder engineered, manufactured and assembled in-house.


Cast Brake Rotor Machined With Bonded Friction And Splined Bore

Brake rotor turned, bonded and finished in-house.

Manufactured Mechanical Components & Assembly

Complex electronics assembly with mechanical components designed, manufactured and assembled in-house.


Fixture Component

Tool steel fixture component.

Hard Turning Of Forging Part

Turning of hardened material: +60 HRC


Casting – Mold & Final Part

Hard tooling (mold) for casting.